It is our model of outreach to heavily rely on partnerships with healthy ministries, to accomplish the Kingdom work God has asked us to do. In reaching out to those affected by the darkness of trafficking and slavery, we only work with those who are experts in dealing with this horrific epidemic. Rescue Her has proven over and over their commitment to abolishing trafficking both locally and internationally through their strategic, professional and grace-filled demeanor.
TROY WIERMAN, Pastor of Global Ministries BLESS - Gateway Church - Southlake, TX

Brad and Josie are dear friends to us at Christ For The Nations. They are frequent guest speakers at CFNI and they carry a passion for social justice. The way the Lord uses the Carignan's all over the world through Rescue Her is a modern day depiction of Isaiah 61. Our students are infused with a heart for the Gospel every time the Carignans minister at CFNI and they are a true blessing to the body of Christ.
DR. JOHN T. HOLLAR, Director of Christ For The Nations Insitute 

Mac and I are grateful for the work that Rescue Her is doing. Many women today are at risk of being trafficked and Josie and her team’s efforts play no small part in rescuing these unfortunate victims. We ask that more of you will contribute, assist, pray, and volunteer with Rescue Her help these victims. We are indeed grateful to God for the call on their hearts.
DR. CAROLINE LEAF, Author and Host of Switch On Your Brain TV Show

Rescue Her is a unique ministry that bridges the gap between the everyday person and the fight against human trafficking.  Gateway Women are proud to be supporters of this awesome organization.  We have found that whatever part you choose to play, whether to volunteer, give or minister directly to those in need, here you can really get involved and make a difference.  
JAN GREENWOOD, Pastor of Gateway Church Women's Ministry 

There are ministers who are gifted and there are those carry their gift with integrity. As we have watched Brad & Josie Carignan lead Rescue Her, it's hard not to notice their genuine love for those rescued from sex trafficking, which has inspired us to partner our ministry with them. We validate their marriage, character, & ministry! They are doing more than creating awareness, they are causing change.
CHRIS ESTRADA, Director of Youth For The Nations

Rescue Her carries the heartbeat and resources of many, for the rescue of the ONE. MICI Magazine stands shoulder to shoulder with Josie and her team at RescueHer as they step into the dark places many of us never knew could exist, to bring hope, rescue, and restoration, to the lives of those affected by the many forms of human trafficking. 
JANELLE KNOX, Founder of MICI Magazine and MICI Girls

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