This month Mouton's Salon partnered with us to host an Interview Preparation Workshop for the survivors in our program! 

During this workshop, they learned key interview techniques from a Human Relations representative, how to communicate their strengths, and how to dress for an interview. Moutons also blessed them with free hair styling, makeup tutorials for an interview, and each Brave One left with a goodie bag full of products. 

It was really special for one Brave One in particular who's dream is to work at a salon. A stylist walked showed her how to cut and style someone's hair step by step. She was able to ask questions, get hands-on experience, and get a glimpse of her dream. For many survivors, their dream jobs seem so far out of reach. It was amazing to see her, even if for a moment, believe that her dream was possible. She believed she could do it and she was surrounded by people telling her she can.

It is one of our goals to create moments like that, where Brave Ones feel empowered to accomplish their dreams. If you would like to help us create more moments for Brave Ones to believe in themselves, you can Sponsor a Survivor

Our current outreach focus is Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas. We take teams twice a month and connect directly with exploited women in motels and on the streets. There is one girl in particular that we have seen open up more and more as we continue showing up in her life. The first time we were there, she ignored us and wouldn't make eye contact. The second time, she laughed and mentioned how we "were always around" then came over to get a slice of pizza. This last time we went, she not only came for pizza TWICE, but she actually talked to us for a short amount of time. It takes time for us to become a safe place for the women we meet, but it's worth the effort. She is why we show up and we will keep showing up for girls and women just like her. 

If you want to come out with us and show up for girls like her, join our team!

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