It was 9 o’clock PM on a weekend night when our hotline phone rang. Meredith* came to the ER for pregnancy complications. An ER nurse recognized signs of trafficking and, after hours of conversation, Meredith confided in her that she was being trafficked.

We were called and responded immediately together with local law enforcement. By 3 AM that morning our advocate was driving Meredith to a safe shelter.

Meredith is now in a safe place and we are working on a long-term plan for her future. Finding immediate shelter was just one of her urgent needs. She had come to the hospital with just the clothes on her back, and therefore needed everything from socks to a winter coat. Her pregnancy complications were a result of being pushed out of a moving vehicle earlier that night, and she needs several prescriptions during her recovery. She also had no means of transportation and no money, making it impossible for her to get to a safe shelter on her own.

Most victims that call our hotline have very similar needs as Meredith. We work to make sure their physical needs are met, while also providing the emotional and community support they need to for their restoration journey. 

Rescue Her is currently the only agency in DFW who provides 24/7 crisis response for adult victims of trafficking. 

Thank you for helping us bring freedom to Meredith and others just like her. Together we are making a difference!

Josie Carignan
Rescue Her

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