At Rescue Her, we empower HER to achieve her dreams. 

For one of the survivors we work with Natalie*, that dream is to go to cosmetology school and work full-time at a salon. She has talked about her passion for cosmetology nonstop since we met her in early 2018 and has so much natural talent. She takes every opportunity to use her skills and passion, from helping her friends get ready for a gala, to advising the girls in our office on the most flattering hair-styles. 

Her healing journey this past year has been filled with unexpected heartbreak and transition. There have been many times when it’s seemed that her cosmetology dream would forever be out of her reach. However, because of YOUR consistent encouragement and financial support, we are so excited to announce that Natalie will be starting cosmetology school this month!! She can confidently take this step forward because she knows she has a team here at Rescue Her cheering her on and supporting her. 

There are other Brave Ones like Natalie who have dreams not yet reached. Dreams of providing for their family, of becoming an interior designer, and of graduating college. It's because of YOUR support that Natalie is able to accomplish her dreams.

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