Many trafficking survivors have a difficult time getting a job due to their lack of identification and necessary resources. Traffickers often take victim’s ID as a means of controlling them, and it can be an overwhelming process for survivors to figure out how to obtain a new ID. That’s where our advocates come in. We help survivors navigate the logistics of obtaining a new ID, as well as encourage them in their job search. 

We are so excited to announce that in these last two weeks, one of our Brave Ones, Vanessa* got her ID, Social Security card, and a job! And starting this fall she will begin going to college! She hasn’t stopped expressing to us how accomplished she feels putting these obstacles behind her and how excited she is to move towards the future. We are so proud of her and love watching her take steps forward to achieve her dreams! 

Obtaining an ID and a job are just two of the many obstacles that trafficking survivors face. Our advocates help each Brave One overcome these barriers one by one. 

Thank you for your support. These stories are possible because of YOU! 

For Freedom,

Josie and the Rescue Her Team

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