Motels are a hotspot for human trafficking to occur because of the anonymity they offer, their locations along major highways and interstate routes, and because of the ease for traffickers to change locations each night if they need to. Rescue Her is fighting trafficking by connecting directly with women being exploited through a few different approaches.


Our outreach started out with training motel staff how to prevent trafficking from happening at their motel and equipping them with awareness materials to display in their rooms. We were training motel staff and offering awareness materials in over 90 motels in the DFW area. After having many staff members stress their need for a place to report the things they were seeing, we launched our very own 24/7 Crisis Hotline with them in mind. After months of having an active hotline and not seeing many results, we decided to go with a more guest-centered approach.


Our first approach is by connecting with them at motels that are high-risk for exploitation. We do this by serving dinner to guests every Friday to connect with them further and offer crisis response, resources, and support. We also have a team of volunteers that drive around streets nearby and connects with women directly off the street. They do so by offering support, equipping them with our 24/7 hotline number, and inviting them to get food at the nearby motel we are serving a meal at. 

We also have a Phone Bank that exists to connect with women being exploited online. We meet one Saturday a month and call women who post ads for sex online. We offer them hope, pray for them, and give them our hotline number to reach out to directly.

In many cases, the only time a victim is alone is when she is in the bathroom. Therefore, we also offer motels awareness materials to place in each bathroom, which are soaps with our 24/7 Crisis Hotline number on it. If you are a motel and would like to utilize our soaps, please email


Join our Phone Bank and Justice Team to help us reach women being exploited in the DFW area. Justice Team meets on Friday nights from 7-10 PM and Phone Bank meets one Saturday a month from 10-1 PM. Having a consistent group of volunteers visiting the motel and being on the drive team is KEY to effectively connecting and building a trusting relationship with the women we meet. Fill out a volunteer application today! 


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