Rescue Her provides long-term advocacy services for adult, female survivors of trafficking in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Once crisis needs are met, the Brave Ones we work with automatically transition to our long-term Empower Program. The goal of our Empower program is to equip survivors with the tools, opportunities, and support they need to fully heal and become independent.  

Through the Empower Program, Brave Ones are assigned a Rescue Her advocate who provides case management, mentorship, transportation, assistance with securing housing and obtaining identification documents, and more. Our advocates also work closely with outside organizations who meet needs for Brave Ones such as counseling, legal aid, drug rehabilitation, and medical.

In addition to working with a Rescue Her advocate and other service providers, Brave Ones are also assigned a volunteer mentor. We have learned that building a safe and supportive community is crucial to survivors’ healing journeys. Volunteer mentors provide additional support and encouragement throughout the week, as well as attend Empower Night each week with their Brave One. Interested in becoming a volunteer mentor? Apply here.

Empower Night is a weekly survivor support group. The goal of our Empower Nights is to create a safe space to build positive community and help survivors find freedom. Survivors and their mentors join together each week to share a meal and work through lessons covering topics such as freedom, forgiveness, grace, and self-worth. Want to be involved in Empower Night? Sign up to provide dinner by e-mailing courtney@rescueher.org

For all non-crisis referrals to our Empower Program, please e-mail sarah@rescueher.org.

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