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We rely on volunteers for all we do. We need committed individuals who are passionate about justice to join our cause.  Once you’re approved, you can join one of our volunteer teams listed below!



  1. Fill out a volunteer application here.
  2. Attend our quarterly volunteer orientation! You’ll hear more about Rescue Her’s vision and details of specific volunteer teams you can join.  **NEXT VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION FOR 2020 is TBD due to COVID-19.
  3. Complete a background check. Once you attend orientation, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to complete your background check (cost of $20).

All three steps must be completed before you are approved to volunteer with us. Once you are approved, you will receive a welcome e-mail with a link to sign up for volunteer teams! In the volunteer application process and want to plan ahead? You can see all of our volunteer opportunities on the Events page or read the general descriptions below. Visit our Volunteer FAQ page for more answers.


Freedom Prayer Team

We are all aware that there is a spiritual battle to be fought to end human trafficking. Freedom Team will join Rescue Her by partnering in prayer on Friday nights as they drive (as teams) through routes that are high-risk for exploitation in DFW. We will drive around while praying over the motels, their staff, and the freedom of girls trapped in trafficking.

Must be 18+ to volunteer.

Hotline Phone Operators

Rescue Her operates a 24/7 Crisis Hotline. We receive calls from law enforcement, hospitals, other organizations, as well as victims themselves. As a Rescue Her Hotline Operator, you will be  responsible for triaging these calls and connecting victims with the services they need over the phone. 

Must be 25+ to volunteer. 

Transportation Team

Our transportation team provides transportation as needed for crisis calls and long-term advocacy. You will be responsible for providing safe transportation for survivors, while also creating a positive atmosphere. Most transportation will take place within the DFW area. 

Must be 23+ to volunteer. Female volunteers only.

Safety Team

Rescue Her’s Safety Team implements security measures during crisis calls and advocacy related tasks so that Rescue Her advocates can focus on assisting the survivor. Safety opportunities can look like escorting advocate and survivor to and from shelters, monitoring the security of our Empower Night, and providing additional safety for advocacy related needs.

Must be 23+ to volunteer. 

Phone Bank Team

Our trained Phone Bank volunteers will directly call women who post ads for sex online. Volunteers will give them messages of hope, pray for them, and give them our hotline number to reach out to directly. The goal of the phone bank is to let each woman know that she is loved and that there is hope! The dates and times vary based on your location and availabilty. 

Must be 18+ to volunteer. Female volunteers only.

Base Team

Our Base Team provides the foundation for what we do at Rescue Her. Tasks include preparing for motel outreaches, preparing for awareness events, organizing new merchandise, and strengthening donor relations. Base Team meets on weekdays according to your schedule. 

Must be 13+ with parental consent to volunteer. 

Events Team

As a member of the Events Team, you will be trained in how to set-up and operate a Rescue Her booth at community events. You will meet with a Rescue Her staff to learn about our product, how to take donations at a booth, how to interact with attendees at events, and how to set-up/tear down a booth. Events team is utilized as needed throughout the year. 

Must be 13+ with parental consent to volunteer. 

Volunteer Mentor

One of the biggest needs of each survivor we work with is a positive, strong community to offer them support and encouragement. In addition to support and case management from our staff Advocates, we pair each Brave One with a long-term volunteer mentor. We have periodic openings for NEW Volunteer Mentorship opportunities throughout the year.

Must be 23+ to volunteer. Female volunteers only. 





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