How old do I have to be to volunteer?

For most of our opportunities we require volunteers to be 18+. However, there are certain things younger kids can help out with such as admin tasks, labeling soaps, and helping at an awareness booth. If you are younger than 18 and want to get involved, e-mail

Can I bring a friend to volunteer?

We would love to have you bring someone to volunteer with you! However, they will need to complete the full application process before being approved. Anyone who shows up to a volunteer opportunity but is not an approved volunteer will be asked to leave.

Can I carry a firearm on outreaches?

We use wisdom and discernment when decided what environments to bring our volunteers in to. Therefore, we do not allow anyone to carry a firearm with them on outreach.

I’ve submitted my application and background check and am now waiting to attend the upcoming volunteer orientation. Can I sign up for volunteer teams since I’ve done 2/3 of the steps?

You cannot sign up for volunteer teams until you’ve completed all three steps. You will have the opportunity to sign up for teams after orientation either in-person or on-line. If you want to plan ahead while you’re waiting for orientation, you can see the dates and times of all our volunteer opportunities listed on the events page.

Do you have volunteer opportunities for large groups?

Yes! We have several ways that large groups can get involved. E-mail for more details.

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