An estimated 13 million children around the world are forced into sex trafficking. The statistics are heartbreaking and we feel strongly that Rescue Her is called to help make a difference in this area.

When a girl is rescued, that is only the beginning of the restoration process. Many times there isn't a safe family for her to return home to and no after-care available. To this end we are working to open safe homes for girls ages 6-17 in cities around the world that have a high rate of child-trafficking. Our homes will provide a holistic approach to aftercare with God at the center. Our program will provide the healing, restoration, education, counseling, medical attention, and the loving care that is needed to see hearts restored. We want to give every girl a chance of a new life and a bright future. 

For those of you that have been a part of the Rescue Her family for a while, you know that we closed down our safe-house project in India. Although this was a heart breaking set-back, we are now looking toward starting on the other locations we want to see open. A safehouse has a large overhead, and this project is currently in the funding stage. If you would like to donate specifically to our safe house fund, please designate your gift accordingly. If you would like to help with the funding of this project on a larger scale, email us to request a copy of our safehouse budget and business proposal and we will be happy to share the detailed vision, budget and business plan with you. 

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