Motels are a hotspot for human trafficking to occur because of the anonymity they offer, their locations along major highways and interstate routes, and because of how easy it is for traffickers to change locations each night if they need to. According to Polaris Project, from December 2005 to February 2015, 1,434 cases of trafficking were reported from motels and hotels, and 1,867 victims of trafficking were identified.

Rescue Her fights trafficking in the DFW area by equipping motels with the tools they need to identify victims, make reports, and offer guests a way to get help if in an unsafe situation.

In many cases, the only time a victim is alone is when she is in the bathroom. Therefore, we offer motels awareness materials to place in each bathroom, which are soaps with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number. We also provide motel owners with a current missing children’s report. In 2014, approximately 1,600 runaway children in DFW were trafficked. Our goal is that motel owners would work with us to identify and report missing children. 

Since September 2015, we've distributed over 50,000 motel soaps with the trafficking hotline label, built relationships with 60 of 83 motels we've visited in DFW, and distributed staff training materials to all of those 60 motels.

You can help us fight trafficking by continuing to raise awareness among motel staff and residents. Join our JUSTICE TEAM or FREEDOM TEAM to help distribute this material and educate owners on how they can take a stand against trafficking. The minimum commitment is for 3 months and you will go out once a month on a Saturday morning. 

If you are not from the DFW but would like to make a difference in your community, we have everything you need to start your own Motel Outreach. We would love to connect with you and help you get started. Check it out here >>. We can also connect you with a local Rescue Her branch in your area! Contact to find out more information about volunteer opportunities in your area.


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