We launched our long-term advocacy program at the end of 2017 along with our 24/7 Crisis Hotline. 

Our long-term advocacy program consists of many different services. These services are offered to adult survivors of human trafficking that voluntarily choose to be in our program after calling our hotline or being referred to us from an outside agency. Our services have no minimum or maximum time requirement, once someone is in our program they are in it until they choose to leave. They are also able to re-join our program at any time. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to: counseling, assisting in finding long-term housing, medical care, legal services, helping them get identification documents, transporting them to appointments, etc. We are the only agency that provides transportation in the North Texas area.

Each Brave One is assigned a Victim's Advocate to walk through this process alongside them each step of the way. Their advocate meets with them at least once a week to go over goal planning, walk them through difficult times, transport them to meetings and appointments, and help assist with anything else they may need that week. Each week looks different just as each advocate/client relationship looks different. 

They are also assigned a Volunteer Mentor who will meet with them once a week in addition to their advocate. We have learned that having a positive community and support system is so crucial to their healing journey. Many of the people survivors come into contact with are service providers and people who have an agenda attached to their meetings. However, with Volunteer Mentors they are just there to be a friendly face to spend time with once a week.

We also have our Empower Night once a week that all of our Brave Ones are required to attend. This is a support and healing group for the survivors we work with along with their Volunteer Mentors and advocates that attend as well. We share a meal together, create a space for positive community, and process through a freedom-based study together. 

In 2018, we served 10 Brave Ones in our long-term advocacy program.

Three Brave Ones got their identification documents that were stolen from them by their traffickers.

Three Brave Ones were able to get a job and start working towards independence.

Three Brave Ones got baptized and were able to truly encounter the grace so freely given to them from their Savior.  

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