YOU can help fight trafficking!

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We rely on volunteers for all we do. We need committed individuals who are passionate about justice to join our cause.  Once you’re approved, you can join one of our volunteer teams! Each team requires a three-month commitment for 3 hours/month. 

**New volunteer process is in effect August 3rd 2017. If you are already an approved volunteer, but you have NOT volunteered with us in the last 6 months, you will need to complete steps 2 and 3 before joining a volunteer team again**


  1. Fill out a volunteer application here.
  2. Attend our quarterly volunteer orientation! You’ll hear more about Rescue Her’s vision and details of specific volunteer teams you can join.  **NEXT VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION FOR 2018 TBA**
  3. Complete a background check. Once you attend orientation, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to complete your background check (cost of $16).

All three steps must be completed before you are approved to volunteer with us. Once you are approved, you will receive a welcome e-mail with a link to sign up for volunteer teams! In the volunteer application process and want to plan ahead? You can see all of our volunteer opportunities on the Events page or read the general descriptions below. Visit our Volunteer FAQ page for more answers.


Freedom Prayer Team

Freedom Team will join Rescue Her in a prayer drive around the areas of motels that we visit. We will be praying for the motels, their staff, the freedom of girls trapped in trafficking, and passing out cosmetic bags to women we encounter. You will play a key part in the fight against trafficking by praying against the darkness, declaring freedom and justice, and connecting with women in need!

Justice Team

Our Justice team will carry out our Motel Outreaches all throughout DFW. Team members visit motels one Saturday each month to build relationships with motel staff, distribute soaps and stickers that have the trafficking hotline number on them, pass out missing children's reports, and schedule/lead staff training. Having a consistent group of volunteers visiting the same motels is KEY to effectively working with motel staff to identify trafficking. 

Base Team

Our Base Team provides the foundation for what we do at Rescue Her. Tasks include preparing for motel outreaches, preparing for awareness events, organizing new merchandise, strengthening donor relations, and volunteering at our Rescue Her booth at different events.

Intel Team

We're launching our new Rescue Her Intel Team this fall! As a part of this team, you will help us collect intel from social media, license plates, and other information gathered during motel outreaches. You will also help submit this intel into a larger database to be of assistance to local investigators.


Rescue Her Branches

Not local to DFW but still want to get involved? Volunteer with one of our Rescue Her branches or start your own! Contact to get connected.

San Antonio: Our San Antonio branch reaches local motels using our motel resource kit. They partner with local organizations to learn how to fight trafficking from all angles. Recently, they were featured on a local news channel because of their Motel Outreach efforts! We are so proud of this branch, and can't wait to see how it grows. If you're in the San Antonio area and want to join the fight against trafficking, let us connect you with our local San Antonio representative!



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